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TRIstar deliveries worldwide; freight forwarding with planes, trucks and ships; warehousing services that go beyond just storage, but include everything from packaging to repairs; international mail deliveries; customized and specialized shipping.

At TRIstar, we take our responsibility to act with integrity, and give back, seriously. It’s the right thing to do, and it’s good for our business. A culture of acting responsibly benefits the communities where we work, contributes toward a cleaner planet, adds to the sense of pride and collective spirit among our employees, and strengthens our relationship with customers and shareholders.

That said, like all companies, we know that we have more to learn and more to do. We invite you to join us on that journey, by learning more about the steps we have taken and sharing your feedback.


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Highly motivated, goal-oriented individuals pursuing business and personal excellence, constantly striving to establish new and higher standards of success within our industry. Our customers are the very foundation of our business. Our only true asset is our ability to serve them.

Member of Win Logistics Network, it’s a worldwide independent network, and the fourteenth global IATA turnover ranking in 2007, with 68 members covering most of the world.

The First WIN Logistics group member in the Year to Year increase performance in 2009

More than 60 Professional, experienced and motivated team and management offer the customer a high level of confidence and reliability across the supply chain.

Qualified sales & marketing team working to meet the growth in market deman