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Our ISCS Product Solutions is divided into:
1.Visibility / Information Solutions
2.Network Solutions
3.Cash Flow / Cost Solutions
4. Hub & Logistics Solutions
5.Cargo Management Solutions
6.Procurement Solutions


1 Visibility / Information Solutions
–Shipment Management
  Shipment instructions communicated by EDI, executed in defined priority, data feeds to support milestone data back to client system
–Order Management
  Purchase Orders commuincated electronically, vendor performance milestones in addition to shipment milestones returned to customer system
–Vendor Management
  Vendors pro-actively contacted against Purchase Order criteria, managed booking process to feed vendor performance and shipment milestones.
–Exception Management
  Management of shipments or Purchase Orders by exception to a pre-defined client criteria.


2 Network Solutions Article Image
–Control Towers
  Dedicated customer operational teams at agreed control points within customer operating environment 
–Factory implant / Customer on-site
  Dedicated customer operations staff on customer site to support customers staff directly.
–Operations process audit / compliance
  Supply chain specialists who perform audits of the operations network and ensure compliance to agreed customer processes.
–3pl and 4pl concepts
  Lead service provider model based on own and subcontracted network, or classic freight forwarding provider, multi mode, own network


3 Cash Flow / Cost Solutions
–Shipment / Order ‚Due‘ date control
  Ensuring shipment / order is moved in optimum time path to reach destination at required date. Article Image
–Equipment Optimisation
  Equipment planning to maximise fill, and reduce overall number of movements made.
–Transportation Optimisation
  Improved planning to reduce total number of shipments. (eg: Removal of LCL into 1 Consol)
–Vendor Managed Inventory
  Stock managed on behalf of client, still in vendors control. Prevents ‚stock outs‘ and air freights.
–Direct To Store / DC Bypass
  Containers packed at origin on a store specific basis, thereby removing destination DC handling.

4. Hub & Logistics Solutions
Cross docking origin / destination
Arrival container offloading and cargo sortation for immediate despatch to awaiting vehicles.
Cargo rework, labelling, kitting, etc
Destination cargo rework, labelling, kitting, order picking etc, prior to desptach and delivery.
Contract Logistics
Provision of a dedicated warehous to meet a  customer outsourcing need.


5 Cargo Management Solutions Article Image
–Buyers / Multi Vendor Consolidation
  Management of multiple orders via a CFS, so as to build consol containers and reduce inventory in the supply chain. Typically 1 country.
–Multi Country Consolidation
  As above, but from multiple countries into a central CFS.
–CFS Value Added Services
  Executing activities such as labelling, kitting, quality control, in the origin CFS to reduce destination cost.
–Garment On Hangers
  Specialist handling and order management of garments on hanger
–Bar Code / RFID
  Installing bar code labels, and electronic reading


 6 Procurement Solutions
–Franchise models
  Franchisee procuring product from franchiser through a specilaist electronic order platform.
–E Booking portal
  Vendor or customer can book via electronic booking portal direct on to Agility ops system.
–Satellite location management
  Web based systems enable remote shipment or milestone input, to manage peak period demands as well as high volume manual processing.